1. UMass Amherst Announces Strategic Expansion of University Without Walls

    UMass Amherst Announces Strategic Expansion of University Without Walls

    This expansion of UWW, which is one of the oldest and most well-regarded adult bachelor’s degree completion programs in the United States, anticipates a future where universities must evolve into integrated academic services providers capable of offering full-fledged degree programs, stackable credentials and professional career development. In this model, courses will be offered in a number of modes including face-to-face immersive, online and hybrid. The new UWW will elevate the student experience by introducing adaptable multi-modal pedagogies and comprehensive student support services, which will significantly expand access to a high-quality UMass Amherst education.

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    1. The expansion will extend UWW's rich, 47-year history of providing non-traditional students with a high-quality experience.
    2. This initiative by the Amherst campus will advance our system-wide strategy to increase access to a world-class UMass education by exploring new modalities and expanding our digital education offerings.
    3. UMassOnline is excited to partner with UMass Amherst to develop innovative learning pathways to meet the needs of current students and to deliver high quality UMass Amherst programs to more non-traditional and adult learners.
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