1. Two New Projects Announced

    Congratulations are in order for officials who helped facilitate two announcements about business expansions in western Massachusetts this week. First, Massachusetts Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Greg Bialecki and Northampton Mayor Mary Claire Higgins put together a package of incentives to convince Coca Cola to expand its Northampton facility. The project represents a minimum investment of $33 Million according to Coke and will add at least 40 new permanent jobs and about 60 construction jobs. Northampton Economic Development Director Teri Anderson deserves credit for her efforts to ensure that the investment happened in Northampton.

    Second, the Campanelli Companies announced that they will build a 31,000 square foot food distribution building on the last remaining parcel in Westover Air Park West. Allan Blair, President and CEO of Westover Metropolitan Development Corporation (“WMDC”), described the announcement as “a fitting capstone to WMDC’s 35 year effort to convert this 224 acre vestige of the Cold War to a source of employment for the people of Western Massachusetts”. The EDC wishes to acknowledge the role the WMDC staff and real estate broker Jennings Associates in concluding the deal. We wish both companies’ success with their projects. 

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