1. Springfield gains, pursues state grants for park improvements

    Springfield gains, pursues state grants for park improvements

    The state recently awarded $200,000 to the city to create a walking trail at Ruth Elizabeth Park in Six Corners. The project will be part of a multiphase effort to create and improve trails and public access in several city parks. In addition, the city is awaiting a decision from the state on its application for a $400,000 grant for renovations and improvements at Emily Bill Park in lower Liberty Heights. State grants for parks are "extremely important," Mayor Domenic J. Sarno said.

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    1. This unique trail, with creative wayfinding graphics, will promote an active and healthy lifestyle while providing patrons with a sense of community and highlighting the historical significance of the Six Corners, Old Hill, and Forest Park neighborhoods.
    2. Our goal is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of this park and provide more amenities for multi-generational utilization.
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