1. State gives $30,000 boost to Springfield's C3 policing program

    State gives $30,000 boost to Springfield's C3 policing program

    The Springfield Police Department's C3 anti-gang and community policing program has received a $30,000 boost to help fund various youth initiatives within the city. Sen. James Welch, D-West Springfield, who secured the funding through a state budget amendment, announced the funding to the New North Citizen's Council late Thursday morning. The money will be shared between the C3 units in the North End, South End/Metro area, Mason Square area and the Forest Park neighborhood.

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    1. The C3 policing program has been incredibly effective in Springfield.
    2. Everybody in this room has absolutely gone above and beyond my expectations when we first started.
    3. Mike Cutone brought his Green Beret sense of accomplishment to empower people to make their own decisions and affect their lives and that is what we have done in this room.
    4. This is really about the community.
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