1. The Republican releases new book focused on City of Westfield celebrating 350 Years

    The Republican releases new book focused on City of Westfield celebrating 350 Years

    Did you know Westfield was a key stop in history in 1776 when Henry Knox rolled through the city with his train of cannon, oxen and men from Fort Ticonderoga in New York en route to Boston to take on the British? Did you know that a Wright Brothers biplane touched down in 1914 on a strip of land off Southampton Road? Do you remember the team of 14- and 15-year-old boys who played in the Babe Ruth World Series in California in 1992?

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    1. It is important to remind ourselves of where we have come from to appreciate where we currently are, in anticipation of an exciting and inspired vision of the future for where we are yet to go.
    2. The history of Westfield is a microcosm of what has happened in this country.
    3. An integral part of the Pioneer Valley, the city of Westfield also serves as a gateway to the West through the neighboring Berkshires. We have tried to capture that important historical narrative and convey it to a new generation of readers celebrating Westfield's 350th year.
    4. Westfield is truly a second home for me. It's where I learned my craft as a reporter and made friendships that are lasting a lifetime.
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