1. Educare Draws Connections Between Home, School, and Economic Opportunities

    Educare Draws Connections Between Home, School, and Economic Opportunities

    The new $14 million Educare Center now under construction in Springfield is focused on education, obviously, but parental involvement and workforce development are key focal points within its broad mission. Mary Walachy calls it “Head Start on steroids.” It’s a term she has called upon often, actually, when speaking to individuals and groups about Educare, an innovative model for high-quality early education that’s coming to Springfield next year — only the 24th such center in the country, in fact.

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    1. You have to work with a Head Start partner. That's a requirement in every Educare site across the country.
    2. The research is clear — if kids get a good start, if they have a quality preschool, if they arrive at school really ready to be successful and with the skills and language development they need, they can really be quite successful.
    3. We must assist them to begin the trajectory toward financial security.
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