1. ‘Job Readiness’ Is focus of HCC-led Grant Project

    ‘Job Readiness’ Is focus of HCC-led Grant Project

    Holyoke Community College has been awarded a $247,000 grant to help unemployed and underemployed individuals acquire the job-readiness skills they need to secure — and retain — stable employment.  Through this grant from the Mass. Dept. of Higher Education’s Training Resources and Internship Networks initiative — TRAIN — HCC will work with a long list of regional partners to develop a three-stage program that includes pre-training in job readiness, industry-specific training in culinary arts or manufacturing, followed by some kind of work experience with a local employer. Up to 120 individuals from Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin counties are expected to participate in ...

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    1. We hear from employers all the time, and we hear it from every sector, that many applicants lack basic job readiness skills – things like customer service, communication, conflict resolution, time management.
    2. The other piece that all our research in the region shows is that people lack the hands-on experience of working in an industry.
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