1. Westfield State's Urban Education Program celebrates 50 years

    Westfield State's Urban Education Program celebrates 50 years

    For the past 50 years, Westfield State University's Urban Education Program has enhanced lives. Its golden anniversary was celebrated Saturday night with a gathering of more than 200 alumnus and supporters at WSU. The Urban Education Program was founded in 1968 by former biology faculty member Gus Chrisanthopoulos to provide collegiate opportunities to first generation students, students of color, and students who were financially struggling. Chrisanthopoulos, a native of Greece, was a first-generation college student himself who said he wanted to make college accessible for others.

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    1. We're looking for future stars and scholars and if they've had some bumps in the road, we don't want that bump to prevent them from going to college.
    2. The Urban Education Program is a really good example of how serious education looks at its uncomplicated best.
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