1. Berthuiame Center for Entrepreneurship Seeks to Expand Ecosystem

    Berthuiame Center for Entrepreneurship Seeks to Expand Ecosystem

    People may know the Berthiaume Center for Entrepreneurship from its public events, most notably the Innovation Challenge, where UMass Amherst students compete for seed money to turn entrepreneurial ideas into viable businesses. But the center’s new director, Gregory Thomas, wants to broaden the center’s reach and help more young people understand that the goal isn’t to win a competition — it’s to develop a true entrepreneurial mindset that will serve them well no matter where their lives take them.

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    1. We need to figure out how to get more stuff into the funnel.
    2. What can we do to help them perfect their craft and work on their ventures and keep them in our ecosystem, continue to educate them?
    3. The Berthiaume Center has been instrumental in making my ideas reality.
    4. It was through Berthiaume that I learned how important product-market fit and developing and testing a business model is.
    5. The first chapter of Berthiaume was really focused on building a foundation of events and curriculum for UMass students — and, quite honestly, it has been a limited group of UMass students.
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