1. UMass Amherst agricultural school launches student run vineyard

    UMass Amherst agricultural school launches student run vineyard

    The University of Massachusetts Amherst has launched a new vineyard that will allow students to gain first hand experience in growing and maintaining wine and table grapes, according to a statement from the school.  It will be a part of the UMass Stockbridge School program, which is devoted to agricultural education.  Created for the purpose of giving students hands-on viticulture experience, the vineyard will be located at the UMass Agricultural Learning Center on the former Wysocki Farmin Amherst.

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    1. This project is different from the vineyard that UMass Amherst has at its Cold Spring Orchard, which is geared more toward research. For this new vineyard, students and their hands-on experience will be at the center of the project.
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