1. MassMutual announces $1.72 billion dividend in 2019

    MassMutual announces $1.72 billion dividend in 2019

    Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. said Monday that its board of directors has approved a record $1.72 billion estimated dividend payout in 2019. It's an increase of more than $125 million more than 2018, and marks the 151st consecutive year that MassMutual will be paying a dividend, according to a news release. The 2017 dividend was $1.6 billion. The 2019 estimated payout reflects a dividend interest rate of 6.4 percent for eligible participating policies, maintaining the same rate as 2018.

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    1. MassMutual's track record of consistently paying an industry-leading dividend is the result of our distinct, diversified strategy, and core to who we are as a mutual company run for the benefit of our participating policyowners and members.
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