1. Dowd Agencies celebrates grand opening of new Ludlow office

    Dowd Agencies celebrates grand opening of new Ludlow office

    The Dowd Agencies celebrated bringing its services to Ludlow recently as the insurance provider opened its new Center Street office.  Spanning five generations, Dowd says it is the oldest insurance agency in Massachusetts under continuous family ownership.  "We are very excited about our new location," said David W. Griffin Sr., executive vice president and treasurer for The Dowd Agencies. "With all decisions made at The Dowd Agencies, we are always thinking of what is in the best interest of our valued customers."  Located at 563 Center St., the office's open house included a ribbon cutting, where staff was joined ...

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    1. We are very excited about our new location.
    2. With the launch of our new website and app, along with the grand opening of our new Ludlow location, we are making efforts to improve the ability for clients to access our services.
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