1. HCC's readies 21st century workforce with $4.55 Center for Life Sciences

    HCC's readies 21st century workforce with $4.55 Center for Life Sciences

    Holyoke Community College officially opened the $4.55 million Center for Life Science Tuesday. The center features a cleanroom training facility, a first for a Massachusetts Community College. A $3.8 million Massachusetts Life Sciences Center grant and $750,000 from HCC Foundation's Building Healthy Communities Campaign funded the center located in the Marieb Building.

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    1. This here is the most recent and latest example of how we're living our new mission.
    2. This is just not a big part of our economy, but it is a fast-growing part.
    3. There's much more space and more conducive to the learning environment. The old lab space we had was very difficult because of the setups.
    4. With this new equipment and new space, we're able to train students to be more prepared and more competitive, and to go on from here, whether it's to a four-year school or industry.
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