1. MassDOT takes next step toward $1 million east-west rail study

    MassDOT takes next step toward $1 million east-west rail study

    The Massachusetts Department of Transportation said Tuesday that it has retained a consulting firm for $1 million to study the feasibility of east-west rail from Boston through Worcester to Springfield and as far west as Pittsfield. Victoria Mier, a spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, said work will begin as soon as the deal is final and a notice to proceed is issued. Timothy W. Brennan, executive director of the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, said he learned Saturday that MassDOT plans to issue that notice in early 2019, with the study beginning soon thereafter. It will take about one ...

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    1. Boston is obviously white hot in terms of its economic progress but also stratospheric in terms of its housing costs.
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