1. UMass water technology lab could spur new developments

    UMass water technology lab could spur new developments

    Thirty companies are in the pipeline, waiting to use a $3.9 million water technology demonstration center that could be built at the University of Massachusetts in as soon as two years. About 250 people attended the "Innovations and Opportunities in Water Technologies" conference Monday at the Amherst campus. Now the job is to get the money, already called for in a 2014 state bonding bill, and include it in a state spending budget, said Richard K. Sullivan Jr., president and CEO of the Economic Development of Western Massachusetts.

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    1. Startups coming out can use the facility test out and get their technology and get it verified.
    2. It takes partnerships. You need the university, the state and the utilities to get up to scale.
    3. This has to go beyond a lab bench test or a small-scale experiment.
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