1. Rick Lord to Retire as President, CEO of AIM in 2019

    Rick Lord to Retire as President, CEO of AIM in 2019

    Richard Lord, who built Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) into one of the most far-reaching business associations in the commonwealth, will retire next year after leading the organization for almost 20 years. Lord, a North Adams native and Williams College graduate who took the top job at AIM in 1999, will remain as president and CEO while the AIM board of directors chooses a successor. “Rick Lord has built AIM into an organization of more than 4,000 employers from all sectors of the economy who believe that business should be a positive force for creating a better, more prosperous ...

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    1. It has been an honor and privilege to serve as president and CEO of Associated Industries of Massachusetts for almost two decades. It's now time for me to set out on a new adventure while AIM finds a leader who will build on this strong foundation for the future.
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