1. Chicopee Savings Bank Charitable Foundation Boosts HCC Culinary Arts Program

    The Chicopee Savings Bank Charitable Foundation donated $50,000 to Holyoke Community College (HCC) for the benefit of students preparing for careers in the culinary-arts and hospitality industry.  Bill Wagner, president of the foundation, presented a check for that amount to HCC President Christina Royal and officials from the nonprofit HCC Foundation during a brief ceremony on Oct. 2 at the HCC MGM Culinary Arts Institute. The $50,000 donation will go toward programs, equipment, maintenance, instruction, and student services at the institute, which opened in January at 164 Race St. in downtown Holyoke.

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    1. The foundation is pleased to lend its support to HCC's remarkable new Culinary Arts Institute.
    2. We are honored to name a space here in recognition of the generosity of the Chicopee Savings Bank Charitable Foundation.
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