1. Women tapped to lead Westfield State University's 4 new colleges

    Women tapped to lead Westfield State University's 4 new colleges

    After more than a year of planning and reorganization, Westfield State University began this academic year with a new four-college structure featuring an all-female administrative team.  The new structure, announced last month, transitions the school's more than two dozen departments to four new colleges: the College of Graduate and Continuing Education; the College of Mathematics and Sciences; the College of Education, Health and Human Services; and the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. In addition to restructuring its Division of Academic Affairs, Westfield State appointed a provost and four founding college deans -- all women -- to oversee the new ...

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    1. Our newly appointed deans exhibit the right combination of collaborative spirit, appreciation for academic rigor, and leadership experience to serve as important change agents in this significant shift in academic structure at the University.
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