1. Westfield Hones Its Message to Boost Business

    Westfield Hones Its Message to Boost Business

    Folks in Western Mass. know they’re often dismissed by residents out east, Lisa Stowe says. So how does a city like Westfield make its case as a vibrant destination for a business looking to plant roots? By working together. That’s exactly what a handful of partners — municipal leaders, Westfield Gas + Electric (WG+E), Whip City Fiber, the Greater Westfield Chamber of Commerce, and corporate sponsor Westfield Bank — have done by launching Go Westfield, a still-evolving engine to encapsulate what makes this city a desirable landing spot, and, more importantly, tell people about it.


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    1. We worked on this for six or eight months.
    2. If you're a site selector, we check a lot of boxes.
    3. The PVTA project was the first phase of renewal.
    4. We have sufficient parking in our downtown, but people don't always know where it is.
    5. The mayor [Brian Sullivan] has been very supportive of these collaborations.
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