1. Big E sets new record with 1.54M visitors

    Big E sets new record with 1.54M visitors

    The Big E set a new attendance record with the 2018 edition of the Eastern States Exposition drawing 1,543,470 visitors during its 17-day run. It was an increase of 17,917 over the previous record of 1,525,553 guests set in 2017. A combination of a "tremendous lineup of terrific talent," unique foods that people want to try, a four-day draft horse show that included a six-horse hitch competition and many, many other attractions helped draw more than 1.5 million people to the fair this year, according to Eugene Cassidy, president of the Exposition.

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    1. I really think this year what drove us up to another record-breaking year is the fact...people came down here as a respite from all the stresses going on in the world.
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