1. Square One Announces ‘Next Level’ Initiative to Expand Childcare to All Hours

    In keeping with its mission to meet the early-learning and family-support needs of the Greater Springfield community, Square One announced it is expanding access to child care to all hours of the day. The announcement of Square One: Next Level comes as the need for child care for second shift, third shift, and weekends continues to grow for working parents throughout the region.  Strategic funding partners include MGM Springfield, Baystate Health, Smith & Wesson, the Center for Human Development (CHD), FOCUS, and LENOX. Funds from these employers were matched by philanthropist Lyman Wood of Hampden. Collectively, more than $100,000 was ...

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    1. Square One has a long-standing reputation for strategically responding to the evolving needs of our community.
    2. As many may recall, Square One experienced two major losses in the 2011 tornado and the gas explosion that occurred in 2012.
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