1. Springfield Cultural Partnership Announces New Executive Director

    Springfield Cultural Partnership Announces New Executive Director

    The Springfield Cultural Partnership (SCP), the parent organization for the Springfield Central Cultural District, recently welcomed Karen Finn as its new executive director. Finn brings a wealth of experience in community service, government, advocacy, and program management to advance the SCP’s mission of sustaining a vibrant arts and cultural environment in Springfield. The Springfield Central Cultural District, one of 44 designated cultural districts in Massachusetts, encompasses a walkable area of downtown Springfield with cultural attractions such as art, music, theater, dining, historic architecture, and more. The nonprofit was founded in 2014 and now includes more than 50 member organizations ...

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    1. Karen's experience in building bridges across diverse communities and her extensive business background make her an excellent choice as executive director of the Springfield Cultural Partnership.
    2. I'm thrilled to work with the Springfield community, the SCP board of directors, and Springfield city leadership to enhance the visibility of Springfield's vibrant creative economy.
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