1. UMass Amherst gets $3 million to encourage women, minorities to pursue STEM fields

    UMass Amherst gets $3 million to encourage women, minorities to pursue STEM fields

    The University of Massachusetts Amherst has been awarded a five-year, $3 million grant to implement new diversity and equity policies.  The large grant comes from the National Science Foundation, whose ADVANCE project seeks to fund inclusive policies that encourage larger amounts of women and minorities to join the scientific fields and industries.

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    1. This highly competitive grant will be a tremendous boost for our continuing efforts to create a campus environment that supports the success of all members of our community.
    2. I commend the faculty team for developing a winning proposal that envisions a new and bold way for the university to promote the success and professional growth of our faculty.
    3. We owe special thanks to the team of ADVANCE investigators who worked incredibly hard for several years to plan this project and secure the grant.
    4. We're eager to move from planning to implementation, We're taking steps to ensure that we build sustainable structures that scaffold equity and inclusion into our faculty advancement culture.
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