1. Water Park Plans Bring Palmer Property Back into Focus

    Water Park Plans Bring Palmer Property Back into Focus

    More than five years after Palmer residents rejected a casino proposal for a huge tract of land just off Turnpike exit 8, the property is back in the news, this time as the planned site of a $650 million water park, resort spa, and sports complex. It’s the most basic tenet in commercial real estate. Location, location, location. Since the Massachusetts Turnpike opened in 1957, the large tract of land sitting atop the hill overlooking the exit 8 ramp in Palmer has always possessed that coveted quality. But over the ensuing 60-plus years, little has been done to capitalize ...

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    1. As the casino competition started heating up, everyone was putting something new into what they were doing.
    2. The developers believe there are 25 million people in the catchment area for this facility, Disney-esque
    3. When Mohegan signed on, I had a number of meetings with them, and they absolutely loved that site.
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