1. Palmer celebrates new emergency department at Baystate Wing Hospital (photos)

    Palmer celebrates new emergency department at Baystate Wing Hospital (photos)

    The community celebrated the new $17.2 million, 17,800-square-foot Emergency Department at Baystate Wing Hospital on Friday with a ceremony attended by about 200 that included the organization's leadership along with local, state and national political leaders. The facility is scheduled to open for patients Tuesday at 5 a.m. "This is a happy day," Baystate Health President and CEO Mark A. Keroack said. Referring to Mike Moran, the president and chief administrative officer of the organization's eastern region that includes Wing and Baystate Mary Lane outpatient center in Ware, Keroack said, "Mike, I really owe you ...

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    1. This facility allows highly qualified providers to do their best work.
    2. American people ought to have decent health care.
    3. At Baystate Health, you are part of the high quality health care
    4. We are very fortunate to have your services in Congress.
    5. I think it's wonderful to have that right here in town.
    6. This new facility allows our expert care team to provide the highest quality care and experience to the communities that we serve.
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