1. Amherst Select Board skeptical of losing parking to North Common update

    Amherst Select Board skeptical of losing parking to North Common update

    The Select Board on Wednesday took no action on Amherst-North-Common-Public-Meeting-Presentation?bidId=" target="_blank">three proposals to change North Common, expressing concerns about reducing parking spaces. One of the proposals would turn a public parking lot and a portion of Boltwood Avenue into a plaza outside Town Hall. The plan would create diagonal parking spaces for eight vehicles. Because that design calls for one-way traffic on Boltwood Avenue, in a southerly direction away from Town Hall, those eight spaces would not be accessible via Route 9 -- which Select Board member Alisa Brewer said was not pointed out by designers at ...

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    1. We realize losing a lot of parking spaces could be controversial.
    2. The reason we are here tonight is is to give you a first look
    3. This plan keeps more of the existing trees.
    4. It would be a fatal mistake to put it off to the Town Council.
    5. This has been in the pipeline for years. There has been a public process. ... Let's do it.
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