1. Innovation in Health/Wellness: TechSpring

    Innovation in Health/Wellness: TechSpring

    Christian Lagier has a deep background in entrepreneurship, business operations, and strategic business development. He’s been involved with startups and high-growth companies in Paris and Copenhagen, and he spent 10 formative years in Silicon Valley’s high-octane startup environment at arguably its zenith (the ’90s). Thus, he’s an expert in … collisions. That’s a word you hear quite often within the realms of innovation and entrepreneurship. Generally, it refers to the art and science (because it’s both) of bringing people together and making things — meaning products, services, and the companies to provide them — happen.

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    1. It was important to us as we were doing this project to have healthcare come out of the ivory tower, if you will.
    2. We heard clearly from our organization, and specifically from our physicians working at Baystate, that the electronic medical record system had grown unwieldy and that it was consuming too much time to get information in and out.
    3. They're a key piece of innovation theory.
    4. To this day, this industry has a challenge — that doctors are spending too much time at the computer, and that takes away time that they can spend with a patient.
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