1. Lenox Looks to Further Boost Quality of Life - BusinessWest

    Lenox Looks to Further Boost Quality of Life - BusinessWest

    As its town manager, Christopher Ketchen is certainly bullish on Lenox.  “If you’re moving to the Berkshires, Lenox has clearly got to be on your radar for many reasons,” he told BusinessWest, adding that he’s one of the more recent converts. “I made the move here myself from the Boston area four years ago. I’m originally from Alford, and when I moved back to this area, I chose to live in Lenox.”

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    1. The hospitality industry is probably the biggest economic driver locally.
    2. The town has gotten a fair amount of regional and national recognition in recent years for the schools and for the town's financial practices.
    3. The Planning Board is undertaking that as we speak.
    4. We've been investing heavily in infrastructure through aggressive capital-improvement programs.
    5. We have an open-space and recreation plan that was really well-conceived by the Conway School in conjunction with our Land Use Department, and we're a few years into executing that plan to preserve open space.
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