1. Facebook Community Boost Springfield

    Facebook Community Boost Springfield

    In November of last year, Facebook announced the launch of a new program to invest in small businesses across the country. Community Boost is designed to help small businesses grow and give more people the digital skills they need to compete in today's economy. Facebook is bringing Community Boost to 30 cities this year and will be making its eighteenth stop in Springfield on September 10th and 11th.

    The Multi-day, localized programming will bring together small business owners, entrepreneurs, job seekers and community groups to enable them to learn how to use technology to grow their business to learn new skills.  Some of the workshops being offered include: Facebook for small business 101/201/301, Facebook for non-profits, digital skills education, leveling the playing field with big brands by going global, Instagram for small businesses, financial readiness, and other programming to help make it easier to run a non-profit or business.

    For more information, including registration and a detailed schedule of events, please visit: www.fbcommunityboost.com/cities/springfield-ma




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