1. Southwick among communities to receive rail trail grants from state

    Southwick among communities to receive rail trail grants from state

    The Appalachian Mountain Club received a $31,577 award from the state to develop a portion of the New England National Scenic Trail at the Rising Corner Road Trailhead in Southwick as an accessible trail. The club will provide a $12,071 match for the project. The grant was one of several announced Tuesday. The Baker-Polito administration awarded $3,940,000 in grants to fund design, construction, and maintenance for 75 trail projects throughout the state.

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    1. The Commonwealth's network of trails offer residents and visitors outdoor recreational opportunities, while also serving as connections between regions and communities.
    2. Massachusetts is home to thousands of miles of trails, and by providing these critical funds, our administration is able to make significant progress in further improving our trail system.
    3. The Baker-Polito Administration is committed to ensuring residents in every region of the state are provided with excellent opportunities to get outside and enjoy the Commonwealth's natural resources.
    4. Contained within the Massachusetts state park system are nearly 4,000 miles of trails that provide the public with exceptional outdoor recreational opportunities.
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