1. Yankee Candle reopens Holyoke Mall shop as 'CandlePower' concept store

    Yankee Candle reopens Holyoke Mall shop as 'CandlePower' concept store

    After less than a week of remodeling work, Deerfield-based Yankee Candle has reopened its Holyoke Mall shop as the first location of the company's new experimental store concept. Called "CandlePower by Yankee Candle," the 2,040-square-foot store lets shoppers customize their own signature candle using the store's fragrance blending bar. The custom candles can also include include lids and labels personalized with a photo, message or embedded video. CandlePower also carries other brands such as WoodWick, Kate Spade and Paddywax.

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    1. We're always pleased when a tenant remodels and presents their store's latest concept to improve our customer's shopping experience.
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