1. Baystate Health gets $750K grant to expand asthma program

    Baystate Health gets $750K grant to expand asthma program

    A Baystate Health partnership formed to served MassHealth enrollees through the model of an Accountable Care Organization has been awarded a $750,000 state grant to expand in-home asthma services through an area pilot program. The Massachusetts Health Policy Commission grant to Baystate Health Care Alliance/BeHealthy Partnership ACO will help expand over an 18-month period beginning this fall the asthma program of Springfield Healthy Homes Collaborative.

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    1. Springfield has an aging housing environment with almost 42 percent built before 1940 and 86 percent built before 1980.
    2. This collaborative brings together partners from health and housing sectors that have been working together for years, but not had significant funding to do something at a broader level.
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