1. HCC-Westfield State-Springfield schools among 3 Massachusetts partnerships aiming to...

    HCC-Westfield State-Springfield schools among 3 Massachusetts partnerships aiming to...

    Westfield State University will partner with Holyoke Community College and Springfield Public Schools on a new initiative to train more science, technology, engineering and math teachers. The schools are one of three regional partnerships that will use a $1.5 million National Science Foundation grant to the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education to develop MassTeach, a new model for increasing and diversifying the ranks of STEM teachers in high-need school districts.

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    1. We at Westfield State are thrilled to work with Springfield Public Schools and Holyoke Community College to help educate aspiring STEM teachers and increase the diversity of teachers in our area schools.
    2. The goal of MassTeach will be to expand to students at all 15 community colleges and nine state universities in the Commonwealth within three years, eventually placing 50 new teachers in STEM classrooms with 50 more teacher candidates in the post-secondary pipeline.
    3. While Massachusetts is a national leader in K-12 education, there is a sense of urgency to recruit and diversify the STEM teacher pools, and in particular to serve our Latino and black students.
    4. What's exciting about MassTeach is that it is not a stand-alone initiative that will end once the federal grant is spent. This program is built on the solid foundation of our new transfer system, regarded as one of the most comprehensive and student-friendly systems in the nation.
    5. One of the unique aspects of MassTeach is that it will place new teachers in urban communities where they grew up and attended school, allowing grant evaluators to gauge whether educators' local roots serve as a catalyst for their retention in the classroom.
    6. Worcester State University has been educating teachers for the region's schools since 1874, including Worcester's first two African-American teachers.
    7. Highly qualified, effective and diverse educators is a strategic focus of the Springfield Public Schools.
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