1. Springfield gets 2 proposals for reuse of former Oak Street fire station

    Springfield gets 2 proposals for reuse of former Oak Street fire station

    The city has received two competing proposals for the purchase and redevelopment of the former Oak Street fire station in Indian Orchard -- one bid for a live-in art studio and the other to provide clinical services for opioid addiction. The two proposals were received by Tuesday's deadline, and each included an offer of $100 to buy the long-closed fire station at the intersection of Oak and Berkshire streets. The city had attempted to sell the station on four prior occasions, and this time added a $50,000 incentive that will help with redevelopment costs.

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    1. My proposal is very simple straightforward, and not only less time consuming to put into place than many others, but would provide the best fit, and benefit to the community as a whole.
    2. If ADC is awarded this opportunity, not only would the historic Indian Orchard Fire Station be brought back to life, but it will serve the community by offering services related to attacking the opioid epidemic that has threatened to take over our community, our homes and our children.
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