1. Area youth complete criminal justice academy at Holyoke Community College

    Area youth complete criminal justice academy at Holyoke Community College

    A weeklong criminal justice academy at Holyoke Community College, "Cops, Crime Scenes and Cold Cases," allowed youths 14-17 years old to explore careers in forensics, crime scene investigation and related law enforcement fields. On Friday, the academy hosted a field day, which included a bomb squad from the federal Bureau Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, K-9 Officer Joe Brunelle of the Chicopee Police Department and a lecture by Dr. Robert Welton, a Hampden County medical examiner. Poor flying conditions prevented members of the Massachusetts State Police Air Wing from landing at HCC.

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    1. It's a much different world now than when I started.
    2. When we did the fingerprinting that was an interesting thing. I learned there's something in fingerprinting called ridges, deltas, arches, whorls and loops.
    3. I hope it's a positive thing. We get to show them how dogs help us do our jobs.
    4. He knows what the job will be, or the game will be, which is finding narcotics.
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