1. HCG Welcomes New Director of Energy Operations, Sales, and Innovation

    Marin Goldstein has been tapped to lead electricity and renewable-energy programs at HCG as director of energy operations, sales, and innovation. In his new role, he will oversee Hampshire Power, Hampshire Renewables, and HCG’s Renewable Energy Credit brokerage program. “We are thrilled to have Marin join our team,” said Todd Ford, executive director of HCG. “With a strong background in solar and sustainability, Marin will be a huge asset to Hampshire Power as we continue our work in local, renewable energy.”


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    1. We are thrilled to have Marin join our team.
    2. I am excited for the opportunity to work with such a dynamic organization.
    3. HCG has positioned itself as a leader of innovation in the renewable-energy arena.
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