1. ArtWalk, Downtown Live concerts draw visitors to downtown Westfield (photos)

    ArtWalk, Downtown Live concerts draw visitors to downtown Westfield (photos)

    Downtown was bustling with activity Friday night, from the Downtown Live concert to the ArtWalk, visitors walked, shopped, ate and even danced. The ArtWalk is a monthly event hosted by ArtWorks Westfield, a local organization that promotes the artistic diversity of the city and surrounding communities. ArtWorks board member Donna Carmel said the group hosts the ArtWalk the third Friday of every month from 5 to 8 p.m. downtown. Four different local artists are highlighted each month and display their work at Rosewood Gifts, Two Rivers Burrito, Mama Cakes and Blended Vintage Marketplace.

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    1. This helps local artists and brings life to downtown.
    2. This is the second month and the first one really blew us away with how many people came out.
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