1. PVTA gets boost in state budget, still plans service cuts

    PVTA gets boost in state budget, still plans service cuts

    The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority will get more money under the state budget passed Wednesday by the Legislature than it expected under the governor's budget proposal, but it might not be enough to stop planned service cuts. The Legislature's budget adds $455,605 in funding for the PVTA as compared with the last two budget cycles. Additional funding could come from the state Department of Transportation. But the gains could also be wiped out by Gov. Charlie Baker if he decides to veto portions of the budget.

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    1. PVTA will likely still be required to make service reductions and is in the process of reviewing what service reductions approved by the Advisory Board may be necessary to balance the budget.
    2. We are aware that the Governor could veto the line itemĀ ... but we're hopeful that won't happen.
    3. PVTA will be reaching out to MassDOT to discuss funding and collaborate on the $6M allocated to MassDOT for distribution to the RTAs.
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