1. Westover wraps up Air Show drawing crowds of 60,000+

    Westover wraps up Air Show drawing crowds of 60,000+

    When Lucas and Liam Goncalves saw an information table for the U.S. Air Force they couldn't wait to meet the people sitting behind it. "Can we go talk to them?" Lucas, 7, asked and already started running as their mother gave them the OK. The two were among some of the most enthusiastic visitors to Sunday's Great New England Air and Space Show, which an estimated 63,400 people to Westover Air Reserve Base over the two days of the event.

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    1. They love the military and this is their first time at an air show. It is very exciting for them.
    2. The best part is to see the airplanes do all the tricks.
    3. They don't have quite as many flying acts as the last time but they do have a lot of static planes that are great to see.
    4. It is nice to see kids point and say look at that.
    5. Most of the questions I have gotten are the usual things people ask. They want to know how big it is and how much cargo it carries.
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