1. Community Connections Energize Easthampton - BusinessWest

    Community Connections Energize Easthampton - BusinessWest

    As executive director of the Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce, Moe Belliveau has a good view of what has become one of the region’s more unique and energetic small cities.  “There’s a lot of great stuff here, different stuff,” she told BusinessWest. “I think Easthampton has a very eclectic flavor to it, and that just continues to grow. I believe the community really enjoys that about itself and embraces that part of themselves, and helps to nurture that. It’s lovely to be a part of that.”

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    1. I like to say that Easthampton's hip, cool, wow, and now β€” as is its chamber.
    2. The chamber gift card was a direct development from that collaboration, and that continues to grow; it's really popular.
    3. I'm really very proud of this; I don't know how many tourism guides actually have this look and feel.
    4. That event was a sold-out success, so we're looking to do that again.
    5. There's a lot of great partnerships, a lot of great collaborations going on.
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