1. Kristin Leutz to Take Helm at Valley Venture Mentors

    Valley Venture Mentors CEO Liz Roberts announced that she will be leaving her position as of July 13, at which time current chief operating officer Kristin Leutz will take the helm of the organization that has been dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurship in Western Mass.Roberts plans to depart after a period of growth for Valley Venture Mentors (VVM). During her tenure, she launched the Startup Accelerator program, in which entrepreneurs receive five months of training, mentoring, office space, and access to equity-free funding. Entrepreneurs who graduated from all VVM programs generated $51 million in revenue and fundraising during the past ...

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    1. I've always said that leadership is not a sprint, and it is not a marathon.
    2. I'm deeply honored to be given this opportunity, and I'm excited to work even closer with the amazing community of entrepreneurs and mentors that Liz Roberts has cultivated and engaged at VVM.
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