1. CTrail Hartford Line ridership tops 10,000 in week one

    CTrail Hartford Line ridership tops 10,000 in week one

    CTrail, the New Haven-Hartford-Springfield train service, drew 10,719 fare-paying passengers in its first full week of operation, Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Tuesday in a news release. The passenger count covers June 18 through June 24 on the Hartford Line. The numbers were down from the line's opening weekend of June 16-17 when about 10,300 riders took free introductory trips, the Connecticut Department of Transportation said. Malloy, a longtime passenger rail booster, said ridership will grow.

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    1. We know that it will take some time for this new rail service to grow to full maturity and become part of the everyday lives of Connecticut residents, but there is definitely an excitement about this long-overdue train service.
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