1. Western Mass. business launches 'Paul Joseph Professional' hair care line

    Western Mass. business launches 'Paul Joseph Professional' hair care line

    Paul Joseph Professional hair care has joined the ranks of the billion dollar hair care industry. Created by Paul J. DiGrigoli of DiGrigoli Salon, the product line was introduced earlier this month at Premiere Orlando, a national hair, nail, skincare and beauty trade show. DiGrigoli has been an avid participant at Premiere Orlando since 2001, offering classes such as personal development, team-building, business leadership, and client retention - including seven programs at this year's show.

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    1. The current line-up of Paul Joseph Professional products consists of three shampoos, two conditioners, a leave-in treatment, and a blow-dry accelerator spray.
    2. My secret to success is the 40 years of experience, 25 years behind the chair as a stylist, 15 years traveling the country offering educational seminars, and a lifetime of being involved in the industry.
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