1. Historic 110-ton Holyoke home moved from Yankee Pedlar

    Historic 110-ton Holyoke home moved from Yankee Pedlar

    The home, built in 1923 was once part of the Yankee Pedlar, which is to be demolished to make way for a new PeoplesBank. As part of the agreement that allows the former restaurant and inn to be demolished, the bank owners had to offer the house next to it to anyone who agreed to move it. OneHolyoke CDC, a private non-profit housing provider, stepped up and offered to move the building to a vacant lot it purchased at 278 Pine St. The building will be converted into a two-family home in a $345,000 rehabilitation project.

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    1. When do you get to see this? Seeing it moving down Beech Street, it was surreal.
    2. They had to get it around the corner on Beech Street (and Hampshire Street). It took at least 20 minutes to a half-hour.
    3. I think it is great that they saved it, that they saved some of the history of Holyoke.
    4. It's a tight corner. There were trees and two fire hydrants at either corner.
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