1. It Takes 2 Bakery opening Saturday in Westfield

    It Takes 2 Bakery opening Saturday in Westfield

     It Takes 2 Bakery is opening its doors downtown at 31 Elm St. Saturday and will offer fresh baked goods from muffins and eclairs to cupcakes and bread. Owner Kayla Sypek began baking as a child and always dreamed of opening a bakery with her twin sister Sarah. "The only problem is, she doesn't bake," said Sypek. Instead, Sarah will help behind the scenes while Sypek does all the baking. It all started when Sypek's grandmother gave her some of her old baking pans and decorating equipment.

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    1. The only problem is, she doesn't bake.
    2. I started out baking for my little cousins -- nothing fancy -- but it grew from there.
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