1. Massachusetts Senate passes ambitious clean energy bill

    Massachusetts Senate passes ambitious clean energy bill

    Massachusetts would run on 100-percent renewable power by 2047 under comprehensive energy legislation passed by the state Senate Thursday night. The idealistic goal would be reached by increasing the state's renewable portfolio standard by 3 percent every year, instead of the current 1 percent. The RPS dictates how much renewable energy electrical utilities such as Eversource and National Grid must buy.

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    1. This bill sets the commonwealth on a path to a clean energy future for all. Now it is time for the House to stand up and do its part.
    2. We have had great success reducing carbon from the electricity sector with market-based tools.
    3. This legislation prepares Massachusetts for the inevitable obstacles that will come with climate change.
    4. We're really making strides here in the commonwealth to mitigate our carbon footprint and do our part to curb climate change.
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