1. Businessman Naresh Patel to buy Whiskerz Pub in Easthampton

    Businessman Naresh Patel to buy Whiskerz Pub in Easthampton

    Local businessman Naresh K. Patel is buying a popular downtown bar from a popular downtown bar owner. Patel on June 4 told the Easthampton Licensing Board that he plans to purchase Whiskerz Pub, including the business and building at 71-77 Cottage St., from Eugene "Joe" Bernier Jr. The building includes the first floor commercial space and four apartments on the second floor.  The three-member board unanimously approved the liquor license transfer from Whiskerz Pub, Inc., managed by Bernier since 2002, to Easthampton Sports Bar Inc., doing business as "Eagles Sports Bar," with Patel as manager.

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