1. Amherst chamber hires Claudia Pazmany as director

    Amherst chamber hires Claudia Pazmany as director

    The Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce has hired a new executive director, the first full-time director in nearly a year. Claudia Pazmany, who lives in town, was chosen from a handful of candidates the chamber's board interviewed. Chamber President Peter Vickery said the search was done by word of mouth. Chamber members were looking for the right person for the job, he said, and Pazmany was just that person.

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    1. She has deep roots in the community.
    2. I think Claudia is the perfect fit for the ChamberĀ -- a familiar face with a real understanding of the Amherst Area and the needs of our members.
    3. What an excellent choice. ... You're going to rock this.
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