1. Stcc, Mgm partner to offer free 'English in the Workplace' classes

    Stcc, Mgm partner to offer free 'English in the Workplace' classes

    The 30-hour "English in the Workplace" training program is meant for anyone interested in improving their English language skills, including evacuees displaced from Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria. "STCC will continue to do all we can to support workforce initiatives, and with MGM, we are placing collaboration right there with the 'technical' and 'community' aspects of our mission," STCC President John B. Cook said in a press release. STCC has reached out to community-based organizations including Future Works, Career Point, New North Citizens Council, New England Farm workers Council and Enlace de Familias to get the word out about the ...

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    1. MGM Springfield is eager to collaborate with STCC to make available these free classes that can enhance the skills of local job seekers.
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