1. Way Finders Relocation Creates More Momentum in Both Ends of the City

    Way Finders Relocation Creates More Momentum in Both Ends of the City

    The nonprofit group Way Finders, formerly known as HAPHousing, has released renderings of the new 35,000-square-foot home it intends to build on the site of the soon-to-be abandoned Peter Pan Bus station. The move to the North End will bring benefits for the agency and its many types of clients, but it will also generate momentum — and economic development — at two locations, a trickle-down effect not always seen with relocations of this type.

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    1. I had really hoped that we would have a place near the bus station, but I never expected that we would buy the bus station — you can't get any closer than that.
    2. Because there's not enough housing to go around, we're helping people avoid homelessness by becoming employed.
    3. Often, with relocations like this, you're worried about the place left behind.
    4. We could have gone outside the city; we could have done something in an industrial park.
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